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Our certified mixing theater is a familiar environment for experienced directors and producers of feature films. The digital Icon mixing consoles are powered by two Pro Tools HD playback and one dedicated HD record systems capable of recording 48 simultaneous tracks of discrete digital sound. QSC amplification and full range theatrical monitoring provides mixing and mastering in todays standard listening formats. The NEC digital projector and large scale viewing screen complete the auditorium’s professional grade infrastructure. All Pro Tools HD systems at Apex Post are equipped with custom plugin packages such as Waves, TC Electronics, Dolby, ReVibe, Altiverb, Izotope, ADR Studio, Neyrinck and more.


Our pre mix and sound design suite includes a Pro Tools HD3 system with a 24 fader digital control surface; 5.1 JBL LSR 6328 Studio monitors; (2) 23” Cinema displays; and acoustically treated surfaces for a rich and accurate acoustic environment that translates seamlessly into our main mixing theater.


We have two dialogue recording stages on site with varying dimensions and acoustic nuances. Our selection of microphones, pre-amps and mastering tools include industry standard equipment such as Neumann (U87 and KMR81), Sennheiser, Sanken, Avalon, TC Electronics, Waves and more. We also provide Source Connect, Skype, Phone patch and other “bridging” services for integrating multiple stages or locations into one easily managed recording session. Operators with major motion picture and television, advertising and narration production experience engineer the sessions.


HD Edit Suites are fully equipped with Mac Pro systems and include AVID, Premier Pro or FCPX. Packages include ISIS network storage and support, dual monitors, client viewing display, editor desk with monitor bridge, mixer, speaker monitors, software and support. Suites can be rented with or without a professional editor.

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