Covid-19 Protocols for Studio Access and Operations

Apex Post Production: Protocols for ADR (New Orleans, COVID Phase 1 & 2)

Apex Post Production restarted operations in our ADR and Mixing stages on Monday, May 18. As part of this reopening, and until further notice, we kindly request all clients to view our new studio and facility protocols below and to also commit to the following actions in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19:

  1. Wear a mask or face-cover when walking through the Second Line Stages facility. 

  2. Practice safe social-distancing and with the exception of Actors during live-recording sessions, wear a mask while inside the Apex Post Production recording studio, edit bays, and adjacent areas.

  3. Complete and provide to us the self-testing/disclosure questionnaire 24
    hours or less before entering the Second Line Stages complex.

As Apex Post Production is a tenant inside the Second Line Stages (SLS) studio complex, we ask all clients and employees to observe the SLS protocols* when inside and around the facility. Please contact us at or call 504-308-3430 to inquire about rates and/or to reserve session time in our ADR or Mix stages.

Apex Post Client Protocols for ADR Sessions

SAG Certification:

As of July 23, 2020, SAG has officially certified Apex Post Production to provide ADR recording services to its members. Please join us in maintaining a safe environment and know that we are committed to keeping our studio and recording areas free from contaminants.



Street parking is available at no-cost in the neighborhood surrounding the building.

Actors Entry:

In order to reduce foot-traffic inside the lobby entryway, the garage roll-up door will remain open both for delivery drop-offs and Apex clients. Until further notice, please use this entryway rather than the main lobby entrance when arriving for an ADR session. Once inside the garage, proceed straight ahead and follow the signs to the side-entrance of the ADR recording stage, the door(s) will be propped open. Walk through the open doorways and enter the ADR booth, one of our team will close the doors behind you. New masks, gloves, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizers are available as you enter.  The ADR booth, headphones, microphones, surfaces and instruments will have been sterilized using UV-C lights and a HEPA filtered air purifier before and after each scheduled. *Per SAG recommendations, we reserve 30 minutes between actor sessions for this cleaning process.

Actors Recording:

Once inside the booth, position yourself in front of the music stand and boom mic. Securely place the small lavalier mic on your chest area by attaching the mic-clip to your clothing. Place the headphones on and we’re ready to go!

Actors Exit and Document Signing:

When finished recording, please remove the clip-on mic and place carefully on the music stand. We will prop open all doors for you to leave through the same path you entered. Please sign any contracts or Ex G paperwork on your way out. We provide and identify clean pens for this purpose. Paper contracts will have been printed and handled by Apex employees wearing latex rubber gloves. If contracts are available ahead of time to actors and they wish to bring their own copy, please sign and leave in the document basket on your way out.

Bathroom Use:

SLS provides bathrooms in the first-floor lobby entry area. Please wear a mask while walking through the lobby area. Please also use latex gloves or an alcohol wipe (provided) when touching door handles.

Food and Drinks:

Apex Post typically provides water and light snacks to clients. Due to the CV pandemic we can no longer provide food items to actors but we will place fresh water bottles, cleaned with alcohol wipes and/or UVC lights, in the booth prior to an actor’s arrival. *For sessions lasting longer than 2 hours with any single actor, please contact us to coordinate accommodations regarding food, if needed.


Unfortunately, we will not allow client guests or others to wait, monitor, or direct the session from inside the main control room/mix stage. If another person is required to be in attendance, please plan to either sit in the ADR booth with the actor (actor permitting) or contact us at least one-day before the session about other possible arrangements. Actors, as well as guests, will be required to submit the self-test form. *We strongly encourage remote direction sessions exclusively at this time.

Notes re cleanliness and sanitation:

  • Apex employees will wear facemasks at all times and will remain distanced 6ft from actors. We ask for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining this distance.

  • Hand sanitizer, medical masks, alcohol wipes and air disinfectant will be available near entry/exit doors and inside the booth at all times.

  •  UVC lamps and HEPA filtered air filtration systems are used to sterilize the ADR room, ADR room surfaces, headphones, microphones and other instruments before and after each actor session. Although the UVC lamps will be turned off prior to the actor’s arrival, please know that UV light (typically a blueish color) can be harmful if shined directly into the eyes or onto bare skin.

  • Corridor surfaces, door handles, pens and pencils are cleaned regularly with alcohol wipes throughout each day and before and after each person works in the ADR/VO booth.

  • At the start, end, and on a regular basis throughout each workday all studio spaces without UVC lights or HEPA filters will be sprayed with sanitizer. Surfaces, door handles, and instruments in these areas will also be cleaned with alcohol wipes at the start and end of each work

Apex Post Employee Protocols

  • All employees are expected to practice self-distancing when at or away from the studio.

  • All employees must self-report any at-risk health conditions prior to coming to work at Apex Post Production.

  •  All employees must self-report any known exposures to Covid-19 diagnosed or symptomatic individuals occurring within 10 days of coming to work. If exposed within 10 days, employee must be tested, self-isolate, and not come to work until clearing a 10-day negative Covid-test period. All employees are encouraged to follow community guidelines for limiting exposure to others and reducing the spread of Covid-19.

  • All employees must self-report any adverse health conditions or symptoms consistent with Covid-19 to their supervisors immediately upon feeling or learning of such conditions or symptoms.

  • All employees must join in efforts while at work to reduce contamination and increase sanitation of all studio areas and surfaces as described in the Apex Post Client Protocols above.


Apex Post Entry and Exit Map Diagram


*Not to scale


Second Line Stages Protocols 

Second Line Stages Phase 1 Protocols (June 1, 2020):

As you are aware, Governor Edwards has declared that Louisiana officially moved into Phase 2 on Friday, June 5th.  Please note that New Orleans has observed extreme caution and followed the guidance of Mayor Cantrell to move to phase 2 on Saturday June 13. Mayor Cantrell has issued statements that her administration will focus on "data not the date" for all City-wide CV related actions.

Hours of Operation: 

1523 Constance Street desk will remain closed to visitors until further notice.  The building is accessible to all tenants, but we ask that tenants continue to notify the front desk when you intend to visit your office and how long you plan on working.  All tenants and visitors must make a reservation with the Front Desk in order to gain entry to the building.* 

*Apex Post Production will notify Second Line Stages of all scheduled recording sessions and client visitors. It is not necessary for Apex clients to contact Second Line Stages directly.

Below are the hours for the main desk at 800 Richard St. Parking is available at no-cost in the neighborhood surrounding the building.

Monday - 9 AM to 4 PM

Tuesday - 9 AM to 4 PM

Wednesday - 9 AM to 4 PM

Thursday - 9 AM to 4 PM

Friday - Closed 


Second Line Stages staff and administrative services are opting to only work 4 days per week. 

Entering the Building:

All tenants, visitors, and staff will be required to wear a mask when entering the building.  Masks must be worn when venturing outside your office and into common spaces.  Also, note that we may ask you or your (announced) visitor to take a thermal temperature reading before being allowed entrance.  Social distancing remains in effect. 


Signage has been posted in the office buildings, please mind the instructions, especially our elevator policy that limits one passenger.  We will continue to refine and post this week.  


Phase 2:

We continue to prepare the campus for Phase 2. When the order is given, we will likely resume full operations and hours.  But we will adhere to the guidance from the Mayor's Office. 

Thank you for your patience.

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